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Camping for country music lovers.

Who we are

We are the Morgan Family. Most of us love country music but our other interests include, Greyhound rearing and racing. This is a good combination because when there is nothing happening on the music scene we are working with our troupe of Greyhounds. Well the boys do most of that work and the girls take care of the office and bookwork and write songs and play the music and of course Go Shopping. So generally its a great life and we love to share with our friends. 

We have been involved in the music industry since about 1989. Soon after that Marilyn, Janelle and Mat  began learning to sing and play guitar, we entered competitions and talent quests, like thousands of other music lovers. We visited Tamworth for about 15 years straight and had a ball. Marilyn and her family ran the Southgate shopping centre for about 5 years and then also the Red Cross Hall until recently. These were exciting and invaluable years of learning. 

Now we have some exciting plans for the future and this site is the beginning of another exciting journey and one I hope you will join us in as the next few years roll on. We believe life is for living and we are going to dedicate the next few years to supplying happiness and fulfillment to all  who come along for the ride. We have lost a few close friends recently and I know they will be watching over us and we will remember them in our music and travels.


 Lyn and I have 4 grand children, three orgeous little girls and a most exciting little boy. We hope to build them a dynasty and a life they can be happy and proud of.


There is nothing like children to keep the future alive and keep us striving toward our dreams.


Eliza sings and loves country music as well as the new wave of popular music for the young ones. You will see her perform at Tamworth and other festivals around the country.

A big part of our campouts will be to encourage the youth in music. We will aim for scholarships and awards and a talent quest.

Walk up artists will be a great addition to the entertainment at the camps and we welcome all singers, poets and players.


This is a pic of my lovely sandy Mulambin Beach in Central Queensland.




The place where we live.

 We have 2 sons and 1 daughter and they are all great in their own area of expertise. All are married or with partners of over 5 years and are keen to pitch in and help where needed. It's on this reliability that we will build our future and see our dreams become reality  

This is Trevor, who loves the 70's/80's pop era, with Elizabeth, I am at the back with Adelaide.

Below is Matthew and Mallerie who love country and country rock and Rock and Roll and a bit of jamin.

Below is Janelle and Kyle, both were raised on good old country music and love writing and singing.  They have two adorable children who love to get on stage too and strut their stuff. Country is sure in good hands..


I will not say too much about our plans at this stage but it has been a dream of ours for almost 15 years. But keep in touch with us through this page and we will have some fun on the way to our dream. It is one we can all enjoy. 

Now here are some pics of some tranquill places to visit..


 This is a very pretty area. This shot was taken while traveling along the  Greenhills Road at Taylors Arm, truly a beautiful place.

And finally, two pics from my favourite place The Boulders National Park,  this is the boardwalk and the boulders in the gorge at the 'Boulders Gorge' about 6klms west of Babinda Nth Qld. where you can camp free in the campsite provided. A magical place to stay and explore or just rest up for a day or two.


Happy travels and take care on the roads and be kind to your fellow travelers.


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